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We developed a branding and marketing strategy which helped transform and revitalise the image of a neglected pre-war building in Downtown Manhattan. The run-down commercial building off Wall Street had recently been bought by Tribeca Associates who were planning to give the 300,000 sq ft tower a major face-lift. We helped them understand how to find and own an unoccupied part of the market, and how to tailor their product and marketing to change perceptions, build interest and attract tenants. Working with the whole project team, we created a bold new campaign that turned heads and sealed deals. A paint gun graffiti-brawl in the building lobby was just one part of it…

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Project Challenge

The key challenge for us was to use marketing and branding to change the perception of the 49-storey building, and reach out to a new kind of commercial tenant. With Downtown Manhattan experiencing a mini-renaissance, Tribeca Associates recognised the opportunity to attract TAMI (technology, advertising, media, and information) tenants and it was decided that the campaign would be geared towards young, green companies and start-ups while taking care not to alienate current tenants.

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Project Response 

We began by engaging the client team in a strategy workshop to draw on their insight and draw out their ambitions for the project, run by our New York directors, Eddie Nelms and Rachel Myburgh, and William Murray via Skype from our London office. We also toured similar commercial spaces to see what our competitors had done previously. Following this, the team determined that the campaign needed to be bold and brave, and at first appeal to the young and ambitious brokers that would be tasked with selling the office space.

From there, we settled on the concept of ‘Easy’: from the look and feel of the branding, to the simplicity of the copy and the types of delivery channels, this single-minded strategy enabled us to set about developing a playful and exciting campaign.

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Project Outcome

Using the ‘Easy’ concept, the creative was characterised by bright colours, bold type and quirky illustrations. We produced a vibrant and tongue-in-cheek lobby vinyl to generate interest and conversation ‘nothing to see here’, and followed it up with a portable marketing suite and a graffiti art installation in the rear lobby, designed by us and executed by talented local artists Risa Tochigi (Boogie), TC Weaver (REZ) and Erfan Amani (Dopephotofean)

As well as branding the physical spaces, we produced a series of animated films, renderings, e-brochure, e-blasts, floor plans a teaser website and a full site that delivers a dynamic and easy to navigate structure.

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