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News from New York

The New York team have been really busy in Q4 working on some of the most exciting real estate projects in the city. Much of our work is still under wraps, but our ad for BXP’s iconic General Motors Building was published in the Commercial Observer earlier this year, and our branding for the remarkable… Read more »

Work Experience at Wordsearch

Along with four other students from south-west London, I was given the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to work at Wordsearch, for a week. The welcoming workspace buzzing with creativity (and the ever present patter of a ping pong ball) was our base of operations, where we were introduced to the… Read more »

Speakeasy with Kensington Leverne

wordsearch blog | kensington laverne

Kensington Leverne is a portrait & design photographer with a wealth of industry experience (his impressive list of clients includes GQ Magazine, The British Fashion Council and Coca-Cola). As part of our Speakeasy series, the Wordsearch London team were given a sneak peak into two of his upcoming personal projects. The first, ‘Competing Truths’, is… Read more »

Speakeasy with Gregori Saavedra

wordsearch speakeasy with gregori saavedra | property branding

Illustrator Gregori Saavedra’s work is intricate and complex, mixing photographs and hand drawn traces to create large scale collages. Many may be familiar with his work for the 2014 exhibition Georgians Revealed at the British Library, or the vast 790m2  mural he created for the Kings Cross Gateway. The artwork is still one of the… Read more »

Our hoarding welcomes Massive Attack fans

YTL Developments invited some of the Wordsearch team to a Massive Attack gig, hosted in a custom built venue at the historic Filton Airfield, close to the Brabazon Hangars where YTL hopes to create a 16,000 capacity arena for Bristol. The concert was a huge success and helped the Bristol born group celebrate the end… Read more »

Looking into London’s future

wordsearch - NLA - blog 1

Our London team visited New London Architecture to have a tour of a 12.5 metre long interactive model of Central London, which covers more than 85 square kilometres of the city. The touchscreens allow the New London Model to illuminate buildings and potential developments, giving you a complete picture of the key areas of change… Read more »

Central Park Tower is officially the world’s tallest residential building

real estate marketing for central park tower - new york

Today marks the day that New York’s Central Park Tower rises above 432 Park Avenue to become the world’s tallest residential building. It was an honour to see the renderings we produced featured on 6sq ft, alongside the tower as it rises up into the clear New York sky.

Hawley Wharf, Camden

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Hawley Wharf CGI

Wordsearch has been appointed by LabTech to deliver the branding and marketing for Hawley Wharf Camden, a 580,000 sq ft canal-side development in London’s Camden which will bring 150 shops, over 60 new places to eat, 195 apartments and 60,000 sq ft of Labs co-working space. LabTech recently announced their vision for Hawley Wharf, ‘to… Read more »

An interview with photographer Travis Jensen

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | San Francisco Shipyard

Wordsearch is supporting real estate developer FivePoint as they seek to create a neighbourhood in what was once a run-down part of San Francisco. They’re creating two distinct places: Candlestick will be an authentic residential neighbourhood enriched by shopping, culture and outdoor space. Whilst Shipyard will be a working and living community that inspires, enriches… Read more »

Speakeasy with Rosalind Wyatt

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Rosalyn Wyatt

Rosalind Wyatt uses a needle and thread to tell stories of history, love and endeavour. The Wordsearch London team were treated to an insight into the textile, collage and calligraphy artist’s life when she visited as a guest speaker for our Speakeasy series. We regularly invite makers and creators into the studio to talk to us about their extraordinary projects and… Read more »