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Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Hello Muller Blog

The latest in our series of curated Speakeasies, saw Tom Muller of helloMuller speak to us over Friday morning coffee and croissants. Tom is an award-winning graphic designer and creative director who partners with, and designs for technology startups, movie studios, publishers, media producers, filmmakers and ad agencies. He has been named as one of the top 100 designers… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 3 – The Name of the Game

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Unearthed Strategy Blog

In the latest episode of Unearthed, the team looks at how the experts develop naming, branding and marketing strategies to put their property projects on the world stage. If you are wondering when you should get started with the naming and branding of your project, Tim O’Connor of JLL has the short answer for you:… Read more »

William Murray joins CTBUH Advisory Group

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | CTBUH Blog 2

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat have asked William Murray to become a member of their Advisory Group. The Advisory Group is a body of 20 colleagues drawn from the Council membership who provide wider strategic counsel and guidance to the Board, and assist in the specific initiatives of the Council, consisting of building… Read more »

Rendered speechless

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | K11 CGI

A glimpse into property renderings then and now. Whilst recording a film about Wordsearch’s history with our Life President, Peter Murray and our Director of Strategy, William Murray, we spent hours scouring shelves stuffed with dust-covered books to find some of Wordsearch’s oldest and most seminal work. Alban Gate was picked out, and as William leafed through the pages to look… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 2 – Bricks, meet clicks

Property Marketing Agency | Unearthed

How to use digital, social and CRM technologies to take your property marketing campaign to the next level. “We pour the concrete, it goes hard.” That’s how an experienced property developer once explained his product to me – and he was only half joking. Buildings are amongst the most physical, analogue products on the planet,… Read more »

Lego. Seriously.

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Lego Blog

William Murray, our Group Director of Strategy, describes how the world’s most famous toy is aiding our strategic process. Last year, I spent four 12-hour days in a windowless room in Bloomsbury learning to use LEGO® as a facilitation tool. That’s right. LEGO®. As a tool. An increasing amount of our work starts with an… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 1 – Marketing Suites

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Battersea Power Station Exhibition Blog

Introducing Unearthed: the in-depth series by The Urban Developer and Wordsearch Australia which shows you the trends, takes you behind the case studies and offers the inspiration to help you raise the bar on your next property marketing project. Unearthed: It’s what’s really happening inside property marketing What technologies should I use? How do I find the right team?… Read more »

Long & Waterson, Shoreditch

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Long & Waterson CGI

Wordsearch is pleased to reveal a preview of the campaign we created for the edgy and cool residential development in Shoreditch, Long & Waterson. Wordsearch was commissioned by IGI Group to develop the branding and marketing collateral, including a website, series of eblasts, floor plans, hoarding, two CGIs, stationery and a successful advertising campaign for the desirable… Read more »

Showcase: 30 Broad

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | 30 Broad Signage

We developed a branding and marketing strategy which helped transform and revitalise the image of a neglected pre-war building in Downtown Manhattan. The run-down commercial building off Wall Street had recently been bought by Tribeca Associates who were planning to give the 300,000 sq ft tower a major face-lift. We helped them understand how to find and own an… Read more »

GF Smith showroom visit

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | GF Smith

GF Smith invited us for a tour of their new showroom and exhibition space just off London’s Oxford Street. The two storey showroom is intended as a place for customers to interact with the product and “celebrate the power and beauty of paper in a digital age”, it also doubles as an event space, workshop and exhibition venue. The… Read more »