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With the big win in Sydney, with work in New York, Rio and Mumbai currently, and with the opening of a new office in Australia, we have now worked or have an office on every continent.  But what about Antarctica you cry?  Well, we have a project there too, having worked with the architect of the Halley Antarctic Research Centre, Hugh Broughton, on his own and the Research Centre’s marketing material, as well as organising a fabulous dinner in The Painted Hall at the station in Greenwich.

What does our global presence mean to our clients?

Our 31 years of specialism in real estate marketing allows us to bring to our clients an invaluable global insight.  We have an in-depth knowledge of real estate markets around the world and experience of the latest marketing innovations.  We can share with our clients our understanding of global best practice and we can advise on tools and techniques to develop effective marketing communications programmes.

Our global insight also extends to our understanding of customer behaviour on a local level.  The fact that we are on the ground in every key real estate market means that we know how to communicate meaningfully to local tenants and residents, and we have an excellent appreciation of the cultural intricacies and nuances. In an increasingly transnational market, we are uniquely placed to help developers in one market attract tenants or customers in another – whether for London clients looking to engage with Russians or New York clients seeking to attract Asian customers.  And the presence of our local offices enables us to respond quickly, as we manage our client relationships literally around the clock.

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