“I liked it so much I bought the company!”


Creative agency, Wordsearch, explores what it is that makes a great brand and how it is that some brands stand the test of time.

As the world’s leading creative agency in real estate marketing and architecture, it will come as no surprise that, here at Wordsearch, we are very enthusiastic about brands and branding.

Whilst researching earlier this week, we were inspired to write this blog by a gem of a museum, tucked away in London’s Notting Hill – the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising (LINK) The museum is a treasure trove of marketing memorabilia, from the 1800s right through to the present day.

And here at Wordsearch we do have a fondness for the advertising and brands from our childhoods.  Remember “Texan, sure is a mighty chew”?  The cringe-worthy “And all because the lady loves, Milk Tray” and then there’s the irritatingly catchy “Love a Club, love a Club!”  We could go on…

So what is it that truly makes a great brand?

A brand, put simply, is an identity, a marque, something that defines a company or a product.  It should be unique, memorable but, most importantly, it should be defined by a clear brand strategy and invested in.  A great brand could be defined by anything from an annoyingly catchy tune to a cute puppy chasing toilet roll.  Whatever the identity, the brand strategy should be re-visited regularly and kept front of mind, to ensure that core brand values, brand positioning and brand messages are respected and not lost sight of in the day to day tactical activity.

How do some brands stand the test of time?

Do you remember Vorsprung durch Technik?  Of course!  This German phrase has been used to advertise Audi since 1982 and is still used today.  Despite the fact that half the population had no idea what it meant, this short slogan, which, by the way, roughly translates as “Advancement through Technology”, has been used consistently over the last 30 years and in so doing, the brand has a unique association with Audi.  Similarly, the same simplicity and clever messaging has been applied the world over by Nike with its inimitable “Just Do It” slogan, which has been used consistently since 1988. It is unique and memorable but most importantly, it speaks to the audience, capturing exactly how people feel when they are exercising.

“Ambassador, with these Rocher you’re really spoiling us!”

From enduring brand messages still used today to annoying ones we would rather forget, our childhoods are peppered with memories of catchy tunes and cheesy voice-overs. What do you remember? Did you give anyone your last Rolo?

Help us grow the list of the nation’s favourite brand messages by adding your’s and sharing with your friends.

I liked it so much I bought the company.  Remington.

Texan … sure is a mighty chew!

And all because the lady loves, Milk Tray, Cadbury’s.

Love a club, love a club!

Vorsprung durch Technic, Audi.

Just Do It.  Nike.

Ambassador, with these Rocher you’re really spoiling us! Ferrero Rocher.

Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo? Nestle.

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