Speakeasy with Gregori Saavedra


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Illustrator Gregori Saavedra’s work is intricate and complex, mixing photographs and hand drawn traces to create large scale collages. Many may be familiar with his work for the 2014 exhibition Georgians Revealed at the British Library, or the vast 790m2  mural he created for the Kings Cross Gateway. The artwork is still one of the largest illustrations to be rendered on a building wrap.

As part of our Speakeasy series, the Wordsearch London team were treated to an overview of Saavedra’s work, playing a game of spot Gregori, as he often features in his own work. His witty and self-reflective style is reflective of Saavedra’s ten year career in advertising, often encapsulating singular ideas to evoke thought: shoes with teeth, a drip filled with ketchup, and a box of safety matches featuring Grenfell Tower.

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