Work Experience at Wordsearch



Along with four other students from south-west London, I was given the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to work at Wordsearch, for a week. The welcoming workspace buzzing with creativity (and the ever present patter of a ping pong ball) was our base of operations, where we were introduced to the strategies and methods used by the group to market locations all across the globe.

Our challenge was as follows; to market a local location of our choosing as the ‘greatest place in London’ through utilising practices and techniques in creative marketing taught to us by the Wordsearch team. The end product, following countless exercises in brand positioning and concepts, was an advertisement designed by the onsite creative team based on our creative briefs. The process was not only informative but greatly enjoyable. It gave us an inspiring opportunity to develop marketing and strategy skills resulting in the production of a powerful advertisement to sell our brand. This, we presented to the team on the final day, taking away our finished design, along with invaluable experience and skills.


By Leo

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