Battersea Power Station, People

Battersea Power Station is a place that promises to put people at its heart.

To achieve this commitment a set of pledges were laid out at the beginning of the project which were brought to life in the Wordsearch designed Placebook, a document which set in stone the guiding principles for the development. After supporting Battersea Power Station on the most recent residential Phase, we were reappointed to help bring the promise of  community focus to life and show the progress that is underway in the area.

We created the PEOPLE brochure which complements the existing LIVE, WORK, SHOP series. It demonstrates how the community is flourishing and how the promise to create one of the world’s most innovative and exciting mixed-use neighbourhoods is being fulfilled.

We commissioned talented portrait photographer Cat Garcia to capture the people that are making the place, from new residents to independent retailers to members of the project sustainability team. Each were shot in their own environment to create a genuine and engaging experience for readers and to show how life is beginning to flourish in the area. The photography is accompanied by interviews which reveal more about each of the characters and how they are contributing to community life at Battersea Power Station.

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