The Crown Estate – Princes Arcade

We are helping Princes Arcade – a retail space within The Crown Estate’s St James’s – to attract independent and artisanal retailers who will make the arcade a destination in its own right by using the unique space to delight and surprise their customers.

We created a bold, contemporary identity which reimagines the arcade as a world in miniature; a world where a curated collection of fashion and lifestyle pieces are the antidote to the endless choice which exists elsewhere on the high street.

Our idea focused on the concept of crossing the threshold, rewarding those who take the step into this transformed space with a new and surprising retail experience. The brand highlights the contrasts that will be found in the arcade, such as the juxtaposition of sober tailoring with flamboyant detail and traditional craftsmanship with technology, bringing the historic arcade boldly into the 21st century.

There is nowhere else like St James’s; it has been one of London’s most surprising and satisfying places to shop for over 300 years. We are working with The Crown Estate, as they carry out substantial investment in the area, to explain just how rarefied this place is.

The arcade is a city, a world in minature