Bay Area Amazon Bid

Wordsearch supported the Bay Area’s bid for Amazon’s second North American headquarters, by developing a proposal that reinforced the district’s reputation as one of the most innovative, creative and productive regions in the world.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Seven Bay Area cities, dubbed the Northern Arc, joined forces to submit the bid in early October in an attempt to persuade Amazon of the infrastructure, talent pool and development potential their cities have to offer. The partnership consists of Concord, Fremont, Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco with Pittsburg and Union City attached as potential secondary sites.

Hatching a concept

We worked with The Bay Area Council to design a proposal which would whet Amazon’s appetite for the area. Our thinking centred around architect Cedric Price’s egg analogy which deftly demonstrated how the geography of the area would offer real benefit to Amazon. A hard boiled egg is the old model of commercial workplace; an out-of-town campus occupied by a single company, poorly served by transport or amenity. Whilst scrambled eggs epitomises the evolved workplace and the dynamism of contemporary urban life. The bid recommended Amazon to scramble, a model which feeds the energy of a diverse, dynamic and connected organisation by dispersing its workers across a diverse range of unique neighbourhoods and knowledge communities.

The golden egg

We produced a Proposal Book which boldly explains our concept, and will give Amazon food for thought when it comes to considering the Bay Area as their new HQ. This was complemented by a detailed Technical Proposal which explores the Northern Arc and its assets, as well as outlining the incentives which Amazon would benefit from including the tech ecosystem, education, transit, housing and sustainability.

The Bay Area was one of 238 proposals which were submitted to Amazon in a public process which spanned the breadth of North America from Hidalgo, Mexico to Ancorage, Alaska.

Illustrations: Bird, Portchmouth and Rossum Architects

Supporting the bid for Amazon's second North American headquarters