Month: October 2012

New York: Top of the World (Trade Center) Ma!

On my whirlwind visit to NY I arranged a site visit to One World Trade Center, seeing that it was now at pretty much its highest point (excepting the addition of the Spire). One World Trade Center: Recalling the first visit We walked in using the same route that we had in December 2009  when… Read more »

The Marquand: Elegance and art in architecture

Yesterday, I was in New York for one day, presenting some incredibly beautiful samples made by the craftsmen at Bill Amberg and Bookworks, for a super-high end residential marketing campaign we are working on, called The Marquand. 11E 68th Street. History The Marquand was built in 1913 on the site of an amazing mansion commissioned in… Read more »

Skyscrapers: The three tallest buildings in the world

Here at Wordsearch we work on an incredible array of impressive property projects including One World Trade Center, Battersea Power Station and The Shard. A great deal of these can be categorised as ‘tall buildings’ which made us begin to wonder how tall are the three tallest buildings in the world and what makes them… Read more »

London design: Quirky and controversial

London is known for quirky, rebellious art and design; here are three of our favourites spotted this week. Funemployed: Designs saluting the unemployed With Benetton pushing their new campaign saluting the unemployed, Irina Block, a currently unemployed art director, takes the empowering the unemployed trend further with her ‘funemployed’ merchandise. Designs include buttons and her… Read more »

One World Trade Center: Progress

The build of One World Trade Center is well and truly underway with progress and decision making the order of the day. Described by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as a building that ‘honors the past and delivers on the promise of a rebuilt World Trade Center’ Wordsearch are on the… Read more »

Wordsearch in Beijing: High speed railway to Chinese army sidecar

Beijing’s high speed railway After the Tall Buildings conference I headed to Beijing on the new high-speed railway. When I had mentioned this to someone the previous night they had asked if it was the same system that had crashed the previous August killing 40 people. Apparently it was, but fortunately I had no such… Read more »

CTBUH Continued: The Shanghai Tower Tour

Asia Ascending: The Shanghai Tower Tour While at CTBUH I managed to wangle my way on to the Shanghai Tower tour. Everyone at the conference was fascinated with the Shanghai Tower as it overlooked the Jin Mao that most of us were staying in.  All night you could see showers of sparks falling from the… Read more »

Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s 9th Global Congress

Skyscrapers: Why we love tall buildings There is something very alluring about skyscrapers. That’s why humans have always been trying to build them. Elevation has always denoted power, wealth and ambition. From the Monarch on his throne and dais, to the pyramids of Giza and the towers of St Gimignano, humans have been obsessed with… Read more »

WAF 2012: Best Building Winner

Wilkinson Eyre’s Cooled Conservatories has been crowned the world’s best building by World Architecture Festival 2012. Andrew Grant, Director of Grant Associated describes Garden’s By the Bay as ‘a 21st Century botanic garden’ with ‘beauty doing environmental work’. The immense structure is 54 hectares in size in Singapore’s new development area and include two cooled… Read more »