Month: March 2017

Rendered speechless

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | K11 CGI

A glimpse into property renderings then and now. Whilst recording a film about Wordsearch’s history with our Life President, Peter Murray and our Director of Strategy, William Murray, we spent hours scouring shelves stuffed with dust-covered books to find some of Wordsearch’s oldest and most seminal work. Alban Gate was picked out, and as William leafed through the pages to look… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 2 – Bricks, meet clicks

Property Marketing Agency | Unearthed

How to use digital, social and CRM technologies to take your property marketing campaign to the next level. “We pour the concrete, it goes hard.” That’s how an experienced property developer once explained his product to me – and he was only half joking. Buildings are amongst the most physical, analogue products on the planet,… Read more »

Lego. Seriously.

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Lego Blog

William Murray, our Group Director of Strategy, describes how the world’s most famous toy is aiding our strategic process. Last year, I spent four 12-hour days in a windowless room in Bloomsbury learning to use LEGO® as a facilitation tool. That’s right. LEGO®. As a tool. An increasing amount of our work starts with an… Read more »