Month: November 2015

The Lowline Lab NYC

real estate branding for one Manhattan square New York 2

The Lowline is a vision for the world’s first underground park. The proposed location, in New York City, sits within the one-acre former Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal, a subterranean space which has been left unused and unloved for six decades. Now, a clever bunch of scientists and city strategists have hatched a plan to use innovative solar technology to… Read more »

The perks of property marketing

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | One World Trade Center Blog

Kalleen, our London based Senior Account Director, visited New York for a Wordsearch strategy meeting, and happened to get invited on a dawn helicopter ride above the city… Wordsearch is the world’s leading creative agency for architectural and real estate marketing. 

Wordsearch Room 101

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Room 101 Blog 2

Last week, six speakers from the world of property and architecture took part in a battle to banish their industry related gripes into Room 101. After arguing that their topic deserved to be ditched, their fate was in the hands of the eager audience and compère, Wordsearch director, William Murray. There was only one space in… Read more »