Month: August 2017

The biggest small world in China

Property Marketing Agency | Beijing | Wordsearch

With a range of sophisticated strategies and digital marketing materials now available, is there still a place for traditional architectural models in the explanation of the built environment? China’s RJ Models is one of the world’s leading constructors of architectural models and has created models for projects across nearly 100 countries over its 26 years of experience…. Read more »

This is not a logo

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | The 78 Blog

‘Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood’ Daniel Burnham. Related want to do great things for Chicago. We’re working with them to create a neighbourhood, in a place where none existed, in a city where neighbourhoods are everything. Introducing The 78th. This project is so momentous and meaningful for Chicago, that… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 5 – How’s the future looking?

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Unearthed Branding

Our expert panel looks at augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and beyond to separate hype from hope in the world of property marketing. “Is it good yet?” That’s the question Tom Kelshaw asks of every new technology that bursts onto the scene. As Global Director of Innovation for Maxus, it’s Kelshaw’s job to spot… Read more »