Month: May 2017

Serious silliness at Room 101 London

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“The ovaries are mine” cried Grimshaw’s Mark Middleton, after Kirsten Lees, Partner at Grimshaw, took umbrage over ill-conceived curves in buildings; including his building! The heckle summed up another quirky Room 101, the ever-popular event which titillates, surprises, and like Tuesday night delivers serious pondering points, from how UK post-war architecture let us down, to the lost mojo… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 4 – Even better than the real thing

Episode 4 in The Urban Developer‘s property marketing series features Wordsearch New York Director, Eddie Nelms, who reveals the secret to crafting a beautiful rendering. Read the full episode by The Urban Developer below. Visualisations have come a long way since the hand-painted ‘artist impressions’ of yore, but even the experts admit: technology hasn’t rendered* humans obsolete. “You… Read more »


Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Hello Muller Blog

The latest in our series of curated Speakeasies, saw Tom Muller of helloMuller speak to us over Friday morning coffee and croissants. Tom is an award-winning graphic designer and creative director who partners with, and designs for technology startups, movie studios, publishers, media producers, filmmakers and ad agencies. He has been named as one of the top 100 designers… Read more »

Unearthed Episode 3 – The Name of the Game

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In the latest episode of Unearthed, the team looks at how the experts develop naming, branding and marketing strategies to put their property projects on the world stage. If you are wondering when you should get started with the naming and branding of your project, Tim O’Connor of JLL has the short answer for you:… Read more »