Month: September 2014

Creative agency Wordsearch works on all seven continents

With the big win in Sydney, with work in New York, Rio and Mumbai currently, and with the opening of a new office in Australia, we have now worked or have an office on every continent.  But what about Antarctica you cry?  Well, we have a project there too, having worked with the architect of… Read more »

Wordsearch to host the Stirling Prize after party

Wordsearch is proud to be hosting the Stirling Prize After Party with Bespoke Careers. Last year’s event, held at the Hub in Kings Cross, was a resounding success and this time round promises to be even better due to a superb secret location. The nominees for the highly prestigious awards are Library of Birmingham, London… Read more »

Open House London

With the aim of making architecture more accessible, Open House began in 1992 as a small not-for-profit outfit, to promote public interest in London’s buildings. The concept has now spread to over 20 cities worldwide, with cities such as Chicago, Rome and Sydney joining this year. This weekend, has over 800 buildings taking part, accompanied… Read more »

Print your own skyscraper anyone?

Could “Contour Crafting” enable us to effectively print our own mega-structures and dwellings of the future? Creative agency Wordsearch, the global specialist in architectural and real estate marketing, explores the new phenomenon in construction and discovers the “WikiHouse” which has emerged during this week’s London Design Festival. 3D printing has been around for many years… Read more »

“I liked it so much I bought the company!”

Creative agency, Wordsearch, explores what it is that makes a great brand and how it is that some brands stand the test of time. As the world’s leading creative agency in real estate marketing and architecture, it will come as no surprise that, here at Wordsearch, we are very enthusiastic about brands and branding. Whilst… Read more »

Wordsearch Discovers Barbican’s “Constructing Worlds: Photography And Architecture In The Modern Age”.

As a creative agency specialising in architecture and real estate marketing, we at Wordsearch are always on the hunt for interesting architecture and design related news and events.  So when we heard that our neighbouring art gallery, Barbican, was launching a new season of talks and workshops showcasing photography and architecture we wanted to know… Read more »

Fashion and Architecture

This Friday, the first flock of sprightly models stomp down the London Fashion Week catwalk. Backstage, hair-dryers blow and bluster, make-up is painstakingly applied, models are pinned, prodded, pricked and poked in what is the biggest week of the year for British fashion. As this week of art, creativity and design kicks off, creative agency… Read more »

Wordsearch’s Pick of Architectural and Cultural Events in London

This month is happily defined by celebrations, festivals and exhibitions. See out summer in style by partying at The Shard, cheering along the biggest fleet of tall ships the Thames has seen in 25 years, and drifting around London Design Festival checking out the myriad of events it’s holding around the city. Here, Wordsearch present London’s… Read more »