Month: February 2018

Year of the Dog

Property Marketing Agency | Wordsearch | Chinese New Year

新春将至,今年我们迎来了人类最忠实的朋友。Wordsearch全球各地办公室绘制了可爱的小狗,与您一起庆祝这个美好时刻。 It’s Chinese New Year and this time it is the turn of Man’s best friend, the Dog. To celebrate we have created illustrations of our favourite dogs from Wordsearch’s offices around the world. 请扫以下二维码关注我们的微信公众平台,来和这些小狗们见面吧。 To meet the dogs please follow the WeChat link. 还没有体验过微信推广的朋友们,现在是时候加入到中国最大的社交网络中了。借助微信这个沟通平台,您的项目推广可以收获更多惊喜。联系我们,了解更多有关如何运用微信向公众传播您的项目品牌。 For those still without a WeChat account, now is the time to… Read more »