Month: September 2013

Battersea opens its doors

Ever wanted to take a walk within the walls of Battersea Power Station?  At the end of this month, the doors of the famous grade II listed landmark are opening to the public for only the second time since 1983.As part of the Open House London weekend, participants will be able to explore the historic… Read more »

The UK’s best student accommodation

It is once more that time of year when starry-eyed youngsters leave the parental home en masse. We are of course talking about moving to university, something that millions of homes across the globe are currently going through. While much has been written on the trials and tribulations of moving out and meeting new people,… Read more »

How the Brits love a loser

A fabulously ridiculous unforeseen consequence of the absurdly bulbous Walkie-Talkie has been the discovery that it’s concave and reflective front is focusing the rays of the September sun onto a tiny patch of Eastcheap causing anything and everything in it to either melt or spontaneously combust. 20 Fenchurch Street, designed by Rafael Vinoly, is a… Read more »