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Clerkenwell – the design hub of London

According to the creators of Clerkenwell Design Week, Clerkenwell has more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Artists, designers, architects and agencies are drawn to the East End with its refurbished factories, cobbled lanes, hidden churches and squares of green space. Clerkenwell is home to many architects, most famously it… Read more »

Animated Inspiration

Swiss video artist Guillaume Reymond has been causing a stir in the creative industry for some time. He originally wanted to be an architect but ended up working in video art. His latest project and by far our favourite is the Animated Tower where he used 110 students from Switzerland’s Health Vaud High School to cleverly… Read more »

Architectural Shipping Containers

Usually little more than a vessel for carrying something from A to B, in recent years the humble shipping container has undergone something of a renaissance. Many creative architects are now turning to this simplistic material to create innovative spaces for everything from homes, to shopping centres, to full-on cities. Shoreditch’s Boxpark – just a… Read more »

Going against the grain

While here at Wordsearch the tools of our trade are words and images, our clients’ are predominantly the sleek provisions of steel, concrete and glass. These materials seem to epitomise the very nature of modern architecture; though perhaps we could be due a change. An emerging trend among the more inventive architects in the industry,… Read more »

The revolution will be energised

Undoubtedly one of the most important considerations architects and developers must consider in the modern world is a build’s environmental impact. In an increasingly Earth-conscious business environment, questions are often asked as to the energy efficiency, recyclability and renewability of all builds, big or small. First hand experience of this has yielded some interesting results;… Read more »

map²: a treasured map

I have fond memories of the humble paper map. Long before the proliferation of the smartphone, digging out the old, muddied Ordnance Survey map from the back pocket of the car seat and scouting around to find the correct route had a palpable feel of adventure to it. While few would deny the practicality of… Read more »