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Founded in 2008 and based in Beijing, Spice is a niche agency that focusses solely on the property sector in China. Clients are typically International developers with large scale projects as well as some of the larger national Domestic developers. The majority of projects are mixed use or commercial in nature although increasingly Retail has… Read more »

Ambition and Optimism

I write this blog from an ex-pat bar on Robertson Quay overlooking the Singapore River. I’m in the ‘Lion City’ to give a lecture about communications at the World Architecture Festival and to check out the new Wordsearch office in the city headed up by Jack Stiller. The last time I was in Singapore was… Read more »

10 of the World’s Most Brilliant Eco-Architecture

Architecture as a profession is a vital ground for sustainable modernisation. Design is a powerful tool in addressing the worsening problem in climate change. The brilliant solution: the green design principles. Sustainability requires thinking ‘green’ at every stage in the building lifecycle, starting with the decision to build new or to renovate. Greenery is actually… Read more »

How the Brits love a loser

A fabulously ridiculous unforeseen consequence of the absurdly bulbous Walkie-Talkie has been the discovery that it’s concave and reflective front is focusing the rays of the September sun onto a tiny patch of Eastcheap causing anything and everything in it to either melt or spontaneously combust. 20 Fenchurch Street, designed by Rafael Vinoly, is a… Read more »

240 Blackfriars

Stretching proudly across the famous River Thames, Blackfriars train station has undergone a radical redevelopment in recent years. Sleek, shiny and stunning, the revamped station is now a vantage point for great views across the river, as well as a welcome glimpse into TFL’s plans for futureproofing London’s transport. With the station now standing as… Read more »

Going against the grain

While here at Wordsearch the tools of our trade are words and images, our clients’ are predominantly the sleek provisions of steel, concrete and glass. These materials seem to epitomise the very nature of modern architecture; though perhaps we could be due a change. An emerging trend among the more inventive architects in the industry,… Read more »

Here comes the sun

By the time you read this, no doubt our fleeting British summer heatwave will be long gone, consigned to memory for another year. We will however, hopefully still be reaping the benefits of the vitamin D surge such a blast of sunlight brings with it – which is more than can be said for many… Read more »